The annual output of various aluminum-plastic plates can reach more than 3 million square meters

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Reading Guide:The annual output of various aluminum-plastic plates can reach more than 3 million square meters, various aluminum veneers 3 million square meters and plate roller coating 3.6 million square meters. The annual sales revenue can reach 760 million yuan.
Shandong Haitian colorful building materials Co., Ltd., founded in March 2001, is located in the famous hometown of donkey hide gelatin - dong'a, Shandong. The Beijing Kowloon railway runs through the north and south, with convenient transportation and communication. It is one of the important industrial towns and tourist attractions on the western Shandong plain. Haitian company consists of three companies: Shandong Haitian colorful building materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Jixiang donkey hide gelatin products Co., Ltd. and Shandong Lantian colorful building materials Co., Ltd.

The company is located in the southeast of the intersection of Xiangjiang Road and Xiaguang road in Donga County Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, covering an area of 68000 square meters, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, fixed assets of more than 90 million yuan and a total design investment of 180 million yuan.

At present, the company has two leading CNC aluminum-plastic plate production lines, two aluminum veneer production lines, one aluminum veneer intelligent production line and one color map aluminum foil CNC production line at home and abroad. Its production products include aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic plate, color map aluminum foil, profile spraying, plate spraying, etc., with an annual output of more than 3 million square meters of various aluminum-plastic plates and 3 million square meters of various aluminum veneers, 3.6 million square meters of plate roller coating. The annual sales revenue can reach 760 million yuan.

The company's intelligent production line realizes the integrated production from laser cutting to intelligent bending. The robot intelligent sorting laser production line controls all parts through the robot motion controller to realize the automatic production of the whole process of sheet metal automatic picking, suction cup feeding, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic discharging, automatic sorting and waste disposal, which can effectively ensure the product quality, Improve production efficiency and reduce production cost. Automatic gripper changing of manipulator is a completely intelligent automatic operation mode of bending machine in the field of sheet metal. This mode is composed of automatic die changing software, robot and gripper library. When the automatic gripper changing system is selected, the precision bending center can automatically and randomly bend small batches of different products. With the function of automatic die replacement, the bending machine can handle parts unattended in the whole process. The gripper of the manipulator automatic mechanical device changes the mold very quickly, and the next batch of parts can be bent at any time.

The company introduces a set of advanced organic waste gas treatment equipment. This set of waste gas purification equipment adopts the advanced process of "zeolite runner adsorption concentration + desorption + heat storage oxidation combustion", and is designed based on the principle of large specific surface area of zeolite and different intermolecular force under different temperature conditions. Under low temperature, the organic waste gas with large air volume passes through the zeolite molecular sieve runner, VOCs molecules are adsorbed on its surface, and the waste gas passing through the zeolite runner can be directly discharged up to the standard. The zeolite runner adsorbed with a large amount of VOCs enters the high-temperature desorption area, and the VOCs molecules on the zeolite runner are desorbed by the high-temperature waste gas with a small amount of wind to form a high concentration waste gas, which is sent to the waste gas oxidation system at the back end for thermal oxidation treatment, and the purified waste gas can be directly discharged up to the standard. Haitian company actively responds to the call of the Ministry of ecological environment of the people's Republic of China and contributes to the cause of national ecological environment.

Haitian company passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and iso14001:2005 environmental management system certification in October 2003. The company's comprehensive management level and economic strength have improved year by year, the product quality has been steadily improved, the enterprise's integrity is high, and the products have won high reputation in the market and have been widely praised by users. The product sales network covers large and medium-sized cities in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and is exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Russia. Therefore, it was awarded AAA enterprise of national construction system by China Construction Research Center; And was rated as the "best-selling brand" in China's building materials market by China Building Materials Industry Association; It was rated as "recommended brand" by China Building Materials Industry Economic Research Association, Chinese people's Liberation Army Building Decoration Association and National Building Materials Bureau; It has been rated as "green building materials product" by China Building Materials Market Association, thus establishing a good corporate image.
    Department of foreign trade: +86-635-3266070 Add:Dong'e County Science and Technology Industrial Park, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province
    Department of foreign trade: +86-635-3266070 Add:Dong'e County Science and Technology Industrial Park, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province
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