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Seven-colour Ceramic Aluminum Veneer

  • Seven-colour Ceramic Aluminum Veneer
The special porcelain-fused-to-metal coating is an inorganic nano-water-based material based on aerospace industry technology. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-flammability, ultra-strong weather resistance, easy cleaning, high hardness, scratch resistance and antimicrobial resistance, and does not contain traditional organic solvents. It is the latest green decorative material. The performances of high scratch resistance and PFA veneer are better than those of traditional enamel steel plate. It is not easy to crack. The load weight of aluminium plate is 1/3 of that of steel plate. The comprehensive cost of PFA veneer is 1/3 lower than that of enamel steel plate, which greatly saves building decoration costs.

High anti-scratch, porcelain-fused-to-aluminium veneer has developed rapidly in recent years, and has been successfully applied in building decoration and other related fields. Porcelain coating is inorganic, fire-retardant, high hardness, excellent scratch resistance. In addition, it has good anti-fouling and easy cleaning functions. It is an ideal material for building decoration and is gradually recognized by the rail transit industry. At present, it is mainly used in subway stations and airports. High-speed railway station, medical system, interior of Metro carriage and outdoor billboards, etc.

product characteristics:

High temperature resistance, high weather resistance, fire-proof, non-flammable, high hardness, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, green environmental protection.

Environmental protection, non-toxic, high hardness, non-flammability, high durability, easy cleaning and other prominent features, meet all the requirements of decorative materials, for a new generation of high-quality products.

level A1 fire protection level

With water-borne inorganic coating, seven-color high scratch-resistant PFM aluminum veneer contains almost no combustible ingredients, and the film only changes color without burning and decomposition when it endures 600 degrees for a long time. Therefore, non-toxic smoke is generated. The seven-color high scratch-resistant porcelain-fused-to-aluminium veneer has been tested by the National Fire-proof Building Material Testing Center. The fire-proof grade reaches the highest standard of grade A1, and it is a non-flammable decorative material.


After curing, inorganic resin can form a three-dimensional network structure, which makes the performance stable, does not crack and weathering, and has better weather resistance.

high hardness and scratch resistance

The coatings have extremely high hardness, and the hardness of pencil is greater than or equal to 7H, showing good wear resistance and scratch resistance.

stain-resistant and easy to clean

The surface of the coating can eliminate static electricity with inorganic materials, and is not easy to adhere to pollutants in the atmosphere, showing good anti-fouling and anti-graffiti performance, and easy to clean.

antimicrobial activity

Like ceramic products, it has the characteristics of inhibiting bacterial growth and can effectively solve the problems faced by hospitals, food processing industries and humid environment.

high decorative

The coating has various colors and rich colors. It can adjust the gloss in a certain range according to the needs of customers. It can provide the effects of plain color, metal color, pearlescent and so on. It also has a unique ceramic glaze feeling, which conforms to the modern design concept and people's aesthetic view.

environmental protection

With water as solvent, the coating does not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. It is a safe and environmentally friendly green product, reflecting social responsibility.
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