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Close-fitting ceiling system

  • Close-fitting ceiling system
Close-fitting ceiling system is composed of decorative panel, special auxiliary keel of strip fastener plate, main keel of upper light steel and related accessories. Decoration panel is divided into square composite ceiling, U-shaped seamless buckle, C-shaped seamless buckle, G-shaped buckle embedded.

The commonly used width of fastener plate is 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, and the commonly used thickness is 0.45-1.2 mm. It is formed by continuous roll pressing. The conventional maximum length size can reach 6000 mm. Surface coatings are generally powder electrostatic spraying or polyester paint spraying, roll coating, or coating treatment.

Close-fitting ceiling system is straight line, curve, long strip distribution, with distinct edges. The ceiling plane has the effect of high and low staggering, three-dimensional and dynamic because of the installation difference between the buckle plate and the insert strip. The ceiling system is regular, generous, compact, unique in shape, strong in three-dimensional and modern sense, and has its own characteristics. For roofs with sound absorption requirements, perforated panels or glass wool felt and other sound absorption and insulation materials can be laid in the ceiling structure according to the design requirements, or a layer of sound absorption cotton paper or black flame retardant cotton cloth can be added on the back of the perforated panels to meet certain sound absorption standards.

The metal ceiling system can realize double-sided painting with various colors. The company has a professional production line for close-fitting ceiling products. After coating, the aluminium coil is divided and divided by automatic slitting machine. According to the customer's needs, slitting and folding are processed into various sheet shapes. Simple and clear, fire and moisture proof, clean, environmentally friendly, non-deformable and other advantages, can use the simplest combination to express the richest sense of spatial hierarchy and three-dimensional, giving people a concise and fresh feeling.

Closely assembled ceiling can be used in public places such as household (such as toilet, kitchen, public toilet), shopping mall, office building, exhibition hall, corridor of station and airport.
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