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The biggest advantage of this material is that it has good oxidation resistance. At the same time, the strength and stiffness of the suspension roof are improved by adding appropriate amount of manganese, so it is the best material for suspension roof. Compared with the traditional ceiling material, the aluminium ceiling and the aluminium clasp board have better texture and decoration. Aluminum alloy ceilings and aluminum clasp boards are divided into sound absorption boards and decorative boards. Sound absorption boards have round holes, square holes, long round holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, size combination holes and so on, which are characterized by good anti-corrosion, shock-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, sound absorption performance and smooth surface. Decorative boards pay special attention to decoration, simple and smooth lines, and are divided into strip boards, square boards and lattices according to shape. The Standard Specification of square plate is 600 mm * 600 mm and 300 mm * 300 mm. Because the insulation performance of metal sheet is poor, in order to obtain certain sound absorption and insulation function, when choosing metal sheet for ceiling decoration, we can use the method of adding glass wool, rock wool and other insulation and sound absorption materials to achieve the effect of insulation and sound absorption.

At present, aluminium ceilings and fasteners are widely used in the market. The General specifications of strip aluminium fastener are as follows: the length is generally 3 meters and 4 meters; the width is 3 cm to 50 cm, there are many specifications; the thickness of the plate is generally 0. 4-1. Between 5 mm.

The seven-color/seven-color brand aluminium ceilings and fasteners are grade A non-combustible materials tested by fire protection. They are corrosion-resistant, decay-resistant, easy to clean and meet the requirements of environmental protection. Product design is exquisite, elegant, easy to install, easy to repair, can be comparable to the world's similar high-end products. It can be widely used in the smallpox decoration of airports, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, stations, kitchens, bathrooms, large-scale venues and homes.

The metal fastener made of high quality aluminum, magnesium and manganese alloys with good proportions has the advantages of both firmness and good toughness, compact structure, smoothness, easy disassembly and installation, and not easy to deform. Because of the advanced pretreatment technology, the paint adhesion and anti-corrosion of the aluminium clasp board are strong, and the cleaning is very easy.
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