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The preheated polyethylene is processed into core layers of different thickness by extruder. On both sides of core layers, the hot-melt adhesive resin, color coated coil layer and the bottom layer of aluminium coil are heated and pressed to bond and compound into a whole.

raw material performance:

1. Upper and lower aluminium sheets: Before composite, the aluminium sheets used are cleaned and pretreated by multiple steps to remove oil, dirt and loose oxide layer on the surface of the aluminium sheets, and form a tight chemical conversion film to facilitate the solid connection of the coatings.

2. Core Material: Special Material for Plastic Core Material (LDPE). This special LDPE not only contains no opener and smoothing agent, but also adds a sufficient amount of antioxidant, which can satisfy the requirement of 40 years'use without degradation of performance. At the same time, its tensile strength is about 20% higher than that of ordinary LDPE.

3. Paint: KYNAR500PVDF fluorocarbon resin and PVDF resin produced by American PPG Company have better comprehensive properties in outdoor durability, acid resistance, air pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, stain resistance and mildew resistance, and are suitable for coating on various metal substrates.

4. Polymer Connecting Membrane: Aluminum-plastic Composite Board Special Connecting Resin produced by DuPont Company, USA. The surface is aluminium-friendly and the bottom is plastics-friendly.

5. Flame Retardant Performance: Using environmentally friendly magnesium hydroxide as filler type flame retardant, the fireproof performance can reach B2 level or above.
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