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Wire-drawn aluminium-plastic sheet

  • Wire-drawn aluminium-plastic sheet

Wire-drawn aluminium-plastic sheet is an aluminium-plastic composite sheet composed of two upper and lower layers of aluminium panel and the middle layer of low density polyethylene core by continuous hot pressing. The core layer in the middle can be of different thickness. The composite process is produced on a continuous production line. The product is manufactured according to a specific width, while the required length of the product is cut online according to the customer's order size. The front side of the aluminium sheet has been wiredrawn, and the front surface is covered with strippable protective film. The back surface of the aluminium sheet is chemically pretreated anti-corrosive aluminium surface or pre-rolled anti-corrosive polyester paint.

Main purposes:

Mainly used for interior decoration, exhibition building, furniture, electrical appliances and so on.
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