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High gloss coated aluminium plastic sheet is a bold attempt to improve the gloss of products based on the appearance effect of glass and baking varnish glass. It can be compared with baking varnish glass.

performance characteristics:

1. High gloss. The original matte gloss is about 20 degrees. The gloss of high gloss series can reach 80-90 degrees.

2. The color is more brilliant and gorgeous. High-gloss series products use FEVE varnish, which makes the color more gorgeous and lifelike than traditional matte products.

3. With super weatherability, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, the company's high-light fluorocarbon series products, in the normal outdoor environment, can provide 8-15 years of quality assurance.

4. Good performance, easy processing, small quality, good smoothness and rich color.

usage domain:

Building exterior wall decoration, outdoor signs, signs, shop signs, billboards and so on.
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