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Fluorocarbon Aluminum Plastic Plate with High Pollution Resistance

  • Fluorocarbon Aluminum Plastic Plate with High Pollution Resistance
Seven-color/seven-color brand nano-fluorocarbon aluminium plastic sheet is a new type of building material with renewal significance, because it has superior properties over traditional fluorocarbon aluminium plastic sheet in terms of pollution resistance, self-cleaning, acid and alkali resistance by using high-tech nano-coating technology.

Nano-coated aluminium-plastic sheet is a kind of coating made from organic-inorganic compounds according to the principle of nano-chemistry. It is safe, pollution-free and environmentally friendly. The material is generally colorless and transparent. It reacts on the coated surface to form ordered structure with nano-layer thickness. By selecting its internal composition, the coating has very low surface activity and hydrophobicity, oil thinning and sewage discharge characteristics. This characteristic of nano-coated aluminum-plastic panels of seven-color/seven-color brand can greatly reduce the cleaning time and strength of the surface, and significantly reduce the amount of detergent. Seven-color/seven-color nano-coated aluminium-plastic panels also have the functions of hygiene and bacteria reduction.

As for the surface of the coating material, the solvent begins to evaporate, the colloid begins to form, and the particle carries on the surface preliminary self-organization, temperature treatment, so that the nano-material completes Self-organization on the surface.

Seven-color/seven-color brand nano-coated aluminium-plastic sheet material is a new kind of material prepared by combining nano-materials with surface coating technology. Using existing coating technology, nano-composite coatings can be obtained by adding nano-materials according to the performance of coatings. Seven-color/seven-color brand nano-coated aluminium-plastic panels can be used for surface modification, coating, modification or adding new characteristics, either as the matrix of traditional materials, or as powder particles or fibers.

product characteristics:

1. Maintaining the advantages of the original fluorocarbon-aluminium plastic sheet, PVDF coating has advantages in pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and non-fading.
2. Water splashing is excellent, and it is not easy to produce dirt on the surface. Natural rainwater can be used to achieve self-cleaning effect.
3. Excellent antioxidant, can resist foreign acid, alkali, solvent, detergent pollution, so that it is not easy to adhere to the surface.
4. Coat the surface with an oil-based fountain pen, and there is no trace after wiping. Surface coating: high quality fluorocarbon or polyester paint < br />.

material selection:

1. Aluminum plate base material: high strength aluminium alloy coil < br />. 2. PE Core Material: Non-toxic Low Density Polyethylene
3. Surface coating: fluorocarbon nano-coating

The hardness and wear resistance of the coatings can be further improved and the toughness can be maintained by adding nanophase to the coatings with high hardness and wear resistance. When nanoparticles are added to the surface coating, the friction coefficient can be reduced, self-lubricating materials can be formed, and even super-lubricating functions can be obtained. The introduction of nano-materials in the coating can significantly improve the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of the material. For example, the short-circuit diffusion of nickel ions is prevented by the deposition of nano-nickel-lanthanum oxide coatings on the surface of nickel, which improves the growth mechanism and mechanical properties of the oxide layer.

Nano-material coating can improve the corrosion protection ability of the matrix and achieve the purpose of surface modification and decoration. Adding nano-particles to paint or coatings can further improve its protection ability, and can resist atmospheric and ultraviolet radiation damage, so as to achieve anti-degradation and anti-discoloration effects. In addition, nano-material coatings can also be used in building materials products, such as sanitary ware, indoor space, appliances, etc., to produce sterilization and cleaning effects.

Nano-material coatings have a wide range of optical properties. Its optical transmission spectrum can extend from the ultraviolet band to the far infrared band. Coating nano-materials on the surface of products can reduce the transmission of light and heat and produce heat insulation effect. Adding nano-materials to coatings can play a role of flame retardant, heat insulation and fire prevention.

With the development of nano-materials, nano-materials coatings and their technologies have been developed. In view of the characteristics and potential functions of surface coatings, nano-materials are used to create and improve them. On the basis of the continuous progress in the preparation and synthesis technology of nano-materials and the improvement of basic theory, nano-functional coatings will develop faster, and their applications will spread in many fields.

Seven-color/seven-color nano-coated aluminium-plastic sheet, which self-organizes on the coated surface to form orderly structure of nano-layer thickness, has very low surface activity and hydrophobic, oil-thinning and sewage discharge characteristics through the selection of its internal composition. This characteristic of nano-coated aluminum-plastic panels of seven-color/seven-color brand can greatly reduce the cleaning time and strength of the surface, and significantly reduce the amount of detergent. Seven-color/seven-color nano-coated aluminium-plastic plate also has the function of hygiene and reducing bacteria, and the nano-particles on the coating surface can bring mechanical hardness to the surface of the coated material and improve its surface wear resistance.

The thickness of the coating varies from 1 micron to 4 micron, and the consistency and repeatability of the coating are guaranteed. The physical properties of coated aluminium coil sheet, such as wear resistance, hardness, oxidation temperature, chemical corrosion resistance, demoulding and lubrication, have been significantly improved, which greatly prolongs the service life of tools, improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

coating properties of high anti-fouling fluorocarbon aluminium plastic sheet


Testing method

Specification requirements





ASTM D3359-87

Pencil hardness

Mitsubishi UN1 pencil (scratch method)

H - 2H

ASTM D3363-73

Impact resistance



ASTM D2794-82

Buck resistance


No peeling

ASTM D4145-83

Water resistance

1000 hours at room temperature

No trace

Solvent resistance

MEK wipes back and forth 100 times


ASTM D2248-73

Salt spray

5% NaC135°C 3000 hours


ASTM D117-85

Washing agent

Neutral lotion wipes after 240 hours


ASTM D2248-73

Boiling water

98 ± 2 °C 2 hours


ASTM D3359-B

Moisture resistance

3000 hours


ASTM D714-97

Oil resistant pen

Apply oily pen to the paint film, wipe the post mark


Weather resistance

1000 hours; color retention, within E3.0
Gloss retention rate: 60% or more


Application scope

High-end building curtain walls, star hotels, convention centers, airports, public facilities and other interior and exterior decoration.

Super fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel


Nano fluorocarbon coating

Ordinary fluorocarbon coating

Structural detail

The nano material resin is used, and the particle size is between about 0.03 μ and 0.01 μ, which is smooth and delicate.

The surface coating particle size is finer than 0.01 μ and the surface is smooth.

Stain resistance

The surface is fine and smooth, and air dust and oil are difficult to adhere and easy to clean.

The dust particle size is similar to the coating particle size and is easy to adhere.


The surface particles are small, the surface tension is large, and the dust particles are easily taken away by the wind and water.

The surface tension is small, the adhesion of dust and oil is large, and the water droplets move in a sliding manner, which is difficult to carry away from dust particles.

Scrubbing resistance

Wipe more than 10,000 times.

Wipe it thousands of times.

Weather resistance

Adopting the international leading “three-coat” technology, it has higher weather resistance and color protection layer. Nano-coating forms a protective film on the surface of the coating to prevent oxidation and aging of the coating. Warranty for 20 years.

It adopts the traditional general "two-coat" technology and is guaranteed for 15 years.

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