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The surface color of the product replaces the traditional pre-roller paint. A new type of decorative film is compounded with aluminium through high-performance polymer film. The decorative film is made of composite materials such as PVC, PMMA, PVDF and so on. The multi-layer structure design can effectively prevent the heating deformation of the base material under the light, improve the structural stability of the base material, prevent aging and prolong the service life of the coated building products. With high transparency, boiling water whitening resistance, surface easy to clean and other properties, use clean water or daily cleaning agent to clean the surface. It is a new environmental protection aluminium-plastic sheet product.

product characteristics:

Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, multi-color, according to customer needs or provide samples, computer design, color matching, can be monochrome, can also be multi-color, can also be made into three-dimensional effect. It meets the requirements of surface design and individualized decoration of different buildings. It has good decoration effect. It has the choice of monochrome, metal, wood, marble and other products. At the same time, it can be used in extremely harsh climatic environment with long service life, no pulverization, no discoloration, cracking and falling off. Natural state can be guaranteed for more than 15 years. The film is made in one time and has strong weatherability.
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