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Product process: The surface is made of 0.15-0.55mm copper plate and 0.30-1.5mm aluminum plate on the back by high temperature and high pressure continuous thermal composite technology. The advantages are good smoothness, high strength, sound insulation and heat insulation. It can be used for metal roofing, wall decoration, gutter drainage system, cabinet furniture decoration, etc.

Surface effect: copper, brass, bronze, bronze, bronze, bronze, drawing, etc.

Total thickness: 0.45-2.0 mm plate width: 600-1000mm < br />.
The steel-plastic plate solves the defects of color steel veneer, such as no sound insulation, no heat insulation, easy condensation, easy leakage, high price of sandwich color steel plate and heavy unit area. The technical solution is: steel-plastic plate, including steel-plastic composite plate structure, which is characterized by three layers: surface layer, middle layer, base layer, surface layer is color steel plate or galvanized steel plate, middle layer is polymer film, base layer is polyethylene plate or flame retardant polyethylene plate. Mainly used in building decoration industry.

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