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Seven-color brand aluminium-plastic furniture

  • Seven-color brand aluminium-plastic furniture
  • Seven-color brand aluminium-plastic furniture
After years of technical experience in producing curtain wall products such as aluminium-plastic sheet and aluminium veneer, Haitian Seven Colors has a comprehensive grasp of the weatherability, corrosion resistance and artificial weatherability of aluminium-plastic sheet and aluminium veneer materials. Combined with production technology and installation and construction procedures, after recent business development, it has introduced a series of furniture production equipment, organized professional technicians, and made use of aluminium-plastic sheet and aluminium veneer. Major materials, development, design and manufacture of aluminum-plastic series furniture, according to customer requirements for design and production. Aluminum-plastic furniture products are sprayed or rolled with paint, which has many kinds of colors, wide optionality, easy cleaning, scratch resistance, bacteriostasis, fire protection and other functions, long service life and so on.

Main furniture series: desk, file cabinet, aluminum-plastic panel door, desk, computer desk, bar, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, handicraft display cabinet, cabinet hanging cabinet and other series of furniture. Hospital, bank operating desk and other office systems.

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