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Seven-color/seven-color brand fluorocarbon sprayed aluminium veneer, its conventional thickness is 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm four kinds, the product is made of high-quality high-strength aluminium alloy plate, can be processed into plane, fold, arc, spherical and other complex shapes.

Seven-color/seven-color brand aluminum veneer uses imported PVDF, KYNAR-500 fluorocarbon resin paint and high-quality rust-proof aluminum plate. The spraying paint uses imported PVDF fluorocarbon paint. The paint comes from PPG, Aksu, Netherlands, Ribon, KCC and other manufacturers in the United States. There are nearly 100 colors to choose, and personalized tone can be achieved according to customer needs. In 2008, PPG Company of the United States, Libang Company of Japan and Wanbo Paint Company of Wuxi set up paint color-matching centers in Blue Sky Seven-color/Seven-color Building Material Company respectively. Some special colors and batch paints can be produced and toned by Seven-color/Seven-color Company by themselves, which greatly improves the material supply capacity and speed of products and ensures the quality stability. The company's new aluminium sheet uncoiler and various specifications of aluminium sheet thickness can be cut, shortening the supply time.

Seven-color/seven-color brand fluorocarbon sprayed aluminium veneer has many excellent characteristics: light weight, high strength, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, wide color selectivity, easy cleaning and maintenance, quick installation and construction < br/>.
With the widening of the application of aluminum veneer, Blue Sky Seven Colors/Seven Colors Building Materials Co., Ltd. has been innovating and developing continuously according to customer's needs. It has developed nano-aluminum veneer, powder sprayed aluminum veneer, imitation stone pattern, imitation wood pattern aluminum veneer, etc. It can produce 3000-4000 square meters per day, with annual production of 1.5 million square meters, stable product performance, and more and more for indoor and outdoor projects. Show the style and uniqueness of the building.

The fluorocarbon aluminium veneer developed by the company has won a new national patent for its unique spraying effect. Aluminum veneer spraying process adopts international advanced rotary cup spraying gun, automatic electrostatic spraying system, its unique spiral spraying technology, the use of fluorocarbon paint, ultra-weatherproof powder coatings uniformly adhered to the product surface, the film is hard, strong adhesion, no color difference, product performance has reached more than 15 years.

The company's quality inspection center strictly controls the quality according to the ISO 9001 international quality management system and ISO 14001 international environmental management system. It has created high standards and high quality of seven-color/seven-color products.

Spraying quality:

The specifications of the seven-color/seven-color aluminum single-board spraying production line are 5 m*8 m*200 M. The chain suspension conveyor is controlled by Mitsubishi batteries in Japan. It can be adjusted at 0-8.0 m/s. The daily production line speed is 1.5 m~2.0 m/s. In the technology of electrostatic spraying, the original full-automatic electrostatic spraying gun, imported automatic reciprocating machine system and fast full-automatic inductance program equipment system of Lan's Company of the United States and Japan are adopted, which completely changed the situation of experience-based operation in the era of manual spraying gun and guaranteed the spraying quality.

The spray chamber and oven are designed and manufactured by the first-class manufacturers in China. They are 200 meters in length and 40 meters in length. The natural gas burner is BG450-2 imported from Baide Company in Sweden. It is equipped with professional pipes. It has high thermal efficiency, fast heating, uniform temperature and no pollution in the oven. It ensures the perfect characteristics of the products.

Product characteristics:

Arbitrary modelling can provide unlimited creative space for architects < br />. Rich colors achieve perfect decorative effect < br />. Safe and reliable steel connection < br /> for all parts Lightweight and light weight reduce the bearing capacity of the frame, and the construction strength is less than < br />. Simple construction, shorten construction period and reduce project cost < br />. Noise insulation effectively isolates outdoor noise and maintains a relatively constant humidity < br />. Self-cleaning high surface, solid and smooth, without frequent cleaning < br />. Long life, reliable surface quality, consistent internal quality < br />. Strong environmental protection, no change in the surface layer, no pollution to the environment < br />. Fire-proof and flame-retardant

Fine working procedure:

Strict processing and testing procedures: engineering design, grid drawing, programming, sheet inspection, blanking, imitation punching and shearing, pressure bending, profiling, angle closure, corner trimming, surface polishing, column welding reinforcement, pharmaceutical testing, cleaning and chromium-free passivation, coating preparation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, film-pasting packaging, final inspection and transportation, resulting in seven-color/seven-color products. High standard and high quality
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