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Metal Roof Covering Systems

  • Metal Roof Covering Systems
Seven-colour/seven-colour roof system is a kind of roof profiled panel with vertical lock edge. It has excellent appearance and excellent performance. It is easy to install and fast without perforation. The roof surface keeps intact and has excellent waterproof performance.

Seven-colour/seven-colour aluminium alloy series roof panels, rolled continuously by aluminium alloy coils, can be processed on site to produce the required length without longitudinal lapping, eliminating the hidden danger of roof leakage.

Seven-color/seven-color aluminium alloy series roofing system, the main material is rolled continuously by 3004 and 3005 aluminium-magnesium-manganese-aluminium alloy coils, the advanced equipment imported from Taiwan in the painting production process, the American technology process, in a closed and dust-free state for precision painting; the coated aluminium coils can be directly processed into roofing panels at the construction site after pressing, which is easy to install, without longitudinal lapping, and plate surface. Maintain integrity; Seven-color/seven-color metal roofing system also has excellent wind pressure resistance, vertical edge locking can eliminate thermal expansion and cold shrinkage stress, no tension, deformations, the overall system without perforation, high anti-corrosion, waterproof performance. At present, the product modelling covers straight plate, fan-shaped plate, normal bend plate and fan-shaped plate, which provides designers with a variety of choices and fully meets the architectural design concept. With the development of society, metal roofing system has gradually become a new star in the industry!

Product characteristics:

1. Standard roofing system;
2. Multifunctional roofing system;
3. Long-span roof system;
4. Multifunctional Composite Roofing System;
5. Double-deck roofing system.

System characteristics:

1. No junction, no screw holes, complete building appearance;
2. Bending into inner and outer arcs;
3. Choose different materials and colors;
4. Integral structural waterproof and drainage function;
5. It can be used for roofs with slopes less than 1.5 degrees;
6. Excellent wind pressure resistance (with the floor), especially in areas with typhoons and rainstorms;
7. It can eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction;
8. Simple and fast machine winding, convenient and economical for construction;
9. Easy to lay thermal insulation and sound absorption layer;
10. No chemical sealant is needed to avoid pollution and aging;
11. Roof maintenance is not required;
12. It can be manufactured on site without overlap and has strong roof integrity;
13. Design of cold-breaking hot bridge, ventilation and moisture-proof.

System characteristics:

1. Excellent wind pressure resistance, no pull-out deformation after locking;
2. The stress produced by thermal expansion and contraction can be eliminated;
3. Integral structural waterproof and drainage function;
4. It can be produced on site, without overlap, and has strong roof integrity;
5. It can be used in roofs with smaller slopes (>1.5 degrees);
6. No screw hole, anti-corrosion performance is improved, building appearance is complete and beautiful;
7. Simple and fast machine fastening, convenient, economical and fast construction;
8. No chemical sealant is needed to avoid pollution and aging;
9. Design of cold-breaking hot bridge, ventilation and moisture-proof.

 Raw material


 Aluminum Magnesium Manganese Alloy Plate


 Stainless steel




 Anodic alumina alloy


 Aluminum-galvanized (coloured steel)


Chemical composition of Al-Mg-Mn alloy plate:


(Minimum mechanical properties such as strength and ductility of aluminium alloy sheets can be referred to AA and EN1396

Bending arc parameters of sector plate:

Roof panel type can meet the requirements of the three-dimensional modeling design of the roof by artificial or mechanical arc bending.

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