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Corporate Culture

Long-term mission:
We want to become China's leading company and become the industry leader in quality, profitability and growth areas.

Fundamental objectives:
Quality: the satisfaction of customers, employees and communities to measure.

Conditions achieve the fundamental objective of: 
To achieve the above objectives, the mission to reach the industry, guidelines for the company's operations following conditions when.

Improve product quality and production processes:   
We want stability, continuing to enhance the quality of the product and the production process, which is the cornerstone of the company's business strategy. In order to achieve this project, we must work hard to continuously improve the overall efficiency of the company, improve productivity in the design, manufacturing, management and support.

Sophisticated technology, serious aspirant working group
Our employees are our most important resource, responsible for the design, manufacture products and provide customer service. We believe that, under the cooperation in terms of technology, training, communication, environment, management oversight and technical support, our employees must be able to achieve higher productivity and quality goals.

Effective and centralized management:  
To take full advantage of technology and human resources managers must be carefully selected, properly trained together for a long-term goal of the company's efforts.

Sophisticated technology:   
We must continue to expand and improve the technology, the ability to maintain competition in the world of rapid technological advancement.

Integrity and commitment:   
Broadly speaking, must demonstrate integrity in our relationships with suppliers and customers and between each other, which means that we must comply with the regulations

Principle of good faith: 
Integrity "--- all the action and the relationship we have to follow the following principles, without exception.
Mutual respect.
Fair treatment of all relationships.
Keep its promise to fulfill our responsibilities.
Honest communication.
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